Catch innovation supports promising new therapies, and accelerates their progress by actively managing young companies to achieve clinical proof of concept with their lead programs. Catch Innovation has an team of professionals who accompany the programs closely and provide hands-on support.

Captec Medical

Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death globally, and was responsible for 8.8 Mio. deaths in 2015. More than 90% of the deaths by cancer are due to metastases. The existing treatment methods for metastases, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy have serious side effects. They demolish the immune system, take long (6 months to several years) and are expensive. CAPTEC Medical, developed a treatment method that reduces the number of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in patients’ blood, hence the cells with potential metastatic capability. That method is working with standard dialysis technique. CAPTEC ́s newly developed cartridge, utilizes the antigen – antibody binding concept, activates the membranes of a standard dialysis cartridge to become capable to capture specific cancer cells out of the blood when flowing through it. Parallel removal of CTCs and their metabolites will further alleviate the metastatic process and improve the patients’ quality of life and prolong life expectancy, avoiding 960.000 cancer related deaths or delay them in Europe each year.

Superinfection Therapy

Viral Superinfection therapy (SIT) exploits viral competition for the treatment of acute and persistent viral infections. SIT is an innovative HDT, which boosts the interferon-dependent antiviral gene program by an attenuated IBDV, a non-pathogenic avian double-stranded (ds) RNA virus. The idea is based on clinical observations that unrelated viruses might interact in co-infected patients. Hepatitis infection, for example, by one type of virus (e.g. HBV) is often abolished following accidental infection by a second hepatitis virus (e.g. HCV). The dominant virus interferes with the replication of the other virus. Nevertheless, in cases when both viruses are pathogenic the disease persists and hepatitis remains. However, the patient may benefit from superinfection with a non-pathogenic dsRNA virus such as the IBDV. IBDV interacts with appropriate cells such that its dsRNA is recognized by specific receptors (e.g. TLR3). These activate several gene families from within. This is a major difference between systemic IFN-based and superinfection therapy. Fortunately, even the wild type IBDV is not known to be a hazard in transmitting to species other than poultry despite its worldwide distribution in the domestic fowl. The scientific rationale of this project proposal has been published  (Bakacs, et al., 2018)   (Kovesdi and Bakacs, 2019) .

Pret Therapy

The Nobel-prize awarded checkpoint inhibitors that manipulate the immune system started a Cancer Immunotherapy Revolution. This resulted in regression of cancer in a minority of patients, while the majority suffered severe immune-related adverse events (irAEs) due to tolerance breakdown. Exploiting the well-known antibody-based pretargeting technology we invented a method that anchor autoimmune T cells to tumors such that healthy organs are spared. The pretargeting technology could easily be developed into an off-the-shelve product

BioSystems International

Lung cancer (LC), Breast cancer (BC), Colon Cancer (CC) are the 3 most prevalent cancer types with the highest death rates. While diagnostic imaging (e.g. CT) and tissue diagnostics (e.g. biopsies) are the most frequently used methods for diagnosing cancer, growing cancer incidence rates are calling for less invasive and cheaper methods of screening the global population. At the same time early detection through frequent screening could improve patient outcomes and save lives. Bio-systems International (BSI) has developed an early stage detection In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) for lung cancer, what is patented, registered and ready to be launched. Further application areas for diabetes for the young (MODY), BC and CC are in the pipeline.

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